BRAU (Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration) is a biennial with its own statute and a set of specific themes, which translate into seminars, shows, art exhibitions, projections of documentaries, debates, visits, all open and also aimed to the public. The purpose of these activities is to bring out the architectural and urban local heritage and raise public awareness to its protection, creating an international forum of discussion between countries with similar problems, but various economic and socio-political situations.

The event is sponsored by the International Center for the Preservation of Architectural Heritage (CICOP Italy, no profit association with cultural purposes) and by recognized scientific and cultural authorities in the field of Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

The international competition, addressed to students and graduates from less than three years, requires contributions about innovative restoration solutions for the place where the competitor resides, with the aim of promoting the values of local architecture.


The competition is open to all the students and recent graduates in architectural restoration. In particular, are encouraged to participate students and recent graduates from Universities of the Mediterranean area. This is because the BRAU4 biennial takes place in several Mediterranean cities.

The building or site chosen should have a strong relation with the city of candidate.


The competition will cover one of the following topics:

Analysis of a restoration project, carried out on a monumental building or complex.

Analysis of a restoration project, carrioed out on an abandoned building or site.

Please note that “building (complex)” and “site” might also refer to constructions under ground, under water or within existing buildings, according to themes of HCH Itinerant Congress, the main event of the Biennial BRAU4.

The study shall be exposed by posters (format A0) and slide presentation or video, showing the following aspects:

-Territorial and urban context of the building, before and after restoration; 2 posters

-Perceptual and aesthetic aspects of the building before and after restoration; 2 posters

-Significant technological aspects, before and after restoration; 2 posters

Registration and deadlines

The registration is free. You must register by filling out the application form.

Posters/video/presentation must be submitted by email to [email protected] . The deadline for submissions is December 30, 2017.

The response of acceptance will be issued within January 20, 2018.

The deadline for the arrival of posters/video/presentation in the city where they will be exhibited is March 24, 2018.

Jury and prizes

The international jury is multidisciplinary, and reserves the right not to award the first, second or third prize if the submitted works will not meet the competition standards.

The jury reserves the right not to reward first, second, or third prize if the submitted works fail to meet standards of this competition.

First place prize: 1000 euro

Second place prize: 500 euro

Third place prize: 300 euro

The studies (posters, video, presentation) of all participants admitted to student competition will be collected in a publication on BRAU4 events and will be exhibited in all the cities participating in the Biennial.

Contact information

Feel free to contact us for any information.