A Call for Papers has been announced for “Classical Displacement(s)”, an interdisciplinary one-day conference on the displacement of marginalised identities through and within the Classics. The conference will take place on the 23rd November, in the Senate House, London.

Keynote Speaker: Katherine Fleming

Voices that were once kept at the fringes of the Classics have begun to claim a role at the heart of the discipline, particularly through the lens of Classical Reception. Yet antiquity is still appropriated to justify nationalism, misogyny and homophobia. How can we negotiate this crisis of representation surrounding the Classics?

This interdisciplinary colloquium aims to explore the involvement of Greco-Roman antiquity, appropriated by societies throughout history, in the displacement and marginalisation of minority identities. It will also consider the response of those marginalised voices – how groups excluded from and through the Classics have used antiquity to reassert subjectivities. We welcome abstracts for 20-minute papers that consider such questions as:

-How have the Classics been used as a tool of displacement and marginalisation?

-How have those who have been marginalised responded to their displacement through the Classics?

-How have the Classics themselves been displaced?

-How have marginalised identities and voices within the Classics been repressed or ‘rescued’?

-How have reactionary narratives used the ancient world to reinforce exclusionary practices?

Papers on related themes are also welcome.

We invite contributions from postgraduates and early career researchers. We hope to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue, welcoming historians, linguists, literary scholars, sociologists, archaeologists, classicists, and researchers in related fields.

Please send abstracts of up to 300 words, as well as a biography of 50 words, to [email protected] by 21st September 2018. We will let presenters know whether they are successful by 5th October 2018.

For further information, please visit: https://classicaldisplacement.wordpress.com