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News: Egypt
The mission has discovered several storage magazines which contained a large number of animal bones and botanical remains as well as pottery and stone tools which confirms the existence of settled societies in in Delta’s wetland since 5th millennium B.C.
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by Archaeology Newsroom

One of the earliest settlements of the Nile Delta

In Daqahliya governorate

An Egyptian-French mission at the Tell el-Samara site in the Delta governorate of Daqahliya has recently uncovered one of the oldest villages ever discovered in the Nile Delta.

The joint mission excavated the remains of a Neolithic settlement, whose occupation lasted until the 2nd dynasty (ca. 4200-2900 BC), at the bottom level of the El-Samara
site. “Discoveries from the Neolithic period are virtually unknown in this area, so this finding is of the upmost importance,” said Frederic Geyau, the head of the mission.

The only other settlement discovered so far from the Neolithic period is the town of Sais, which was excavated by the Egyptian Exploration Society.

1. Ministry of Antiquities