Readers of the Central Public Library of Veria have the unique opportunity to browse through and read over 100 books from the personal collection of Yiannis Moralis which are now permanently housed on the premises. Some of the books have already been put on the shelves and the placing of the rest will have been completed sometime in October.

Aspasia Tasiopoulou, librarian and contact person of the Central Public Library of Veria said to the Athens and Macedonia News Agency (AMNA) that “the collection has over 100 books from Yiannis Moralis’ personal library. These are the books he read (poetry, literature and art) and came to the library a few months ago through the initiative of the artist’s family.”

Mrs. Tasiopoulou stated that it is a particular honour for the library to host such a valuable collection which include art books as well as literature from his private, personal collection. The Moralis Collection will make up a section of the library’s reference material and will shortly be available for use on its premises only (no lending will be allowed), she added.

Mrs. Tasiopoulou stressed that, being aware of this donation’s value, the Veria Public Library will carry out educational programmes for children in the 2018-2019 school year aiming to acquaint them with the work of the great painter.

Yiannis Moralis was one of the most popular artistic personalities of the 20th century in Greece: he was an innovative painter, talented engraver, gifted stage designer and eminent professor. A retrospective exhibition of the important Greek artist is currently on at the Benaki Museum (on 138 Piraeus Ave) from September 20 2018 to January 5 2019.

Kavafis by Tetsis and the digitalized collection of vinyl records

A special original engraving (lithograph-artist’s proof) signed by the Greek painter and engraver Panagiotis Tetsis is housed in the library. It is the portrait of Constantine Kavafis (measuring 0.78x102cm) donated by the art historian and writer Nikos Gregorakis.

In the library there is also a collection of over 9,500 vinyl records donated by M. Psipsikas, a collector from Veria. The collection covers a wide range of repertoire and includes music from all over the world. It is made up of 78.45 and 33 rpm records, some of which are extremely rare. The library has started digitalizing the records and storing them in MP3 archive format.

The special collection of dolls from around the world

The library also houses a collection of collectible dolls with traditional costumes from around the world. It includes 230 dolls from countries such as Spain, England, South Africa, Russia, Lapland, Indonesia, Jamaica and other places, while there are dolls of famous people such as Shakespeare, Napoleon Bonaparte and others.

The collection was offered to the library at the request of the collector from Veria Eleni Hatzinikolaki. The dolls were acquired on her travels and through exchanges with other collectors.

The photographs of the dolls will be digitalized and displayed a few at a time, while they will be permanently posted on the Library’s website constituting an important tool in the educational programmes organized for children.

A few words about the Library

Veria’s Central Public Library is on 8, Ellis Street, in the town centre. In 2010, it won the “Access to Learning Award” from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and new services were created.