On Thursday October 4, 2018, a photography exhibition will open at the Archaeological Museum of Sofia called “Greece and Bulgaria: Cultural bridges for progress and sustainability”. Bulgaria and Greece, countries sharing borders in the heart of the Balkans, have many political and economic interests in common, common values and priorities as well as the constant target to secure stability in the region.

Presented in five sections are cultural collaborations unknown to the general public that were conducted over the last decades: joint excavations, transnational programmes of collaboration for the conservation, study and promotion of common cultural reserves, conferences and archeological exhibitions.

The comprehensive texts in Greek Bulgarian and English and the abundant photographic material help the visitor realize that the field of culture is a secure bridge of friendship and partnership between the Bulgarian and Greek peoples as well as a guarantee for the progress, development and sustainability of their societies in the neighbourhood of the Balkans.

The exhibition has been organized on the occasion of the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the European Union during the first half of 2018, by the Directorate of Archaeological Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programmes of the Ministry of Culture and the Greek Embassy in Sofia in collaboration with the host museum, the Archaeological Museum of Sofia.

It will be open to the public on a daily basis and will run till October 28, 2018.