An Iron Age chariot has been found at a Yorkshire site during construction work, the second in less than two years. The discovery was made in the town of Pocklington, at Persimmon Homes site, at The Mile, where works for the construction of over 200 homes have started.

Archaeologists are working at the site to fully excavate the item. More analyses will then take place before a final dating is definite. The new chariot has been found about 18 months after another Iron Age chariot along with two horses, rather well-preserved, were discovered in another part of the town. The first chariot was buried as part of a funerary practice that was not uncommon in the Iron Age. However, the horses were a rather surprising addition for archaeologists.

Persimmon Homes announced in a statement that thorough investigation is taking place regarding the dating and details of the find. Also, it seems the discovery will feature on a new BBC 4 series, Digging for Britain.