The severe flooding in Venice a few days ago damaged two Joan Miro tapestries. The artworks were at the Palazzo Zaguri museum and were to be displayed at an exhibition, “From Kandinsky to Botero”, which was due to open yesterday.

The paintings had been left on the floor of the 2nd story floor in a protective sheet when the bathroom overflew from rainwater pouring into the plumbing systems of the 14th century palazzo. The organisers said they returned to the exhibition at night when water levels raised dramatically and saw the damage.

The two paintings, which are said to be worth of €1 million, have been taken to Asti, a studio in northwestern Italy, for emergency restoration, since the saltwater might have affected their colouring.

Water levels in Venice rose due to torrential rain causing floods of about 1.5 metres above sea level. Many museums and art galleries closed on Monday and Piazza San Marco remained covered by water while St Mark’s Basilica flooded with almost one metre of water.