The PRAEDIA Summer School is organized by the University of Pisa.

The goal of the PRAEDIA Summer School is to provide the participants with a broad overview of current strategies for the study of Roman housing, gardens and urban landscapes.
Pompeii provides an ideal case in point, thanks to the unparalleled availability of contextual archaeological data, as well as the centuries-long history of exploration, research, and restorations.
In particular, the Summer School focuses on one specific case study: the architectural complex known as Praedia of Iulia Felix at Pompeii.
The summer school will take place in Pompeii (1-19 July 2019).
Work and activities on site include: (1) archaeological fieldwork in the Praedia of Iulia Felix and survey of the extant structures; (2) classes on Roman art and architecture, current methods for archaeological research, the study of artefacts and archaeological materials, the history of the discipline, history of restoration, the collection, visualisation and interrogation of archaeological data in immersive virtual environments; (3) guided tours of neighbouring sites and museums such as Herculaneum, Stabiae, Oplontis, Naples (National Archaeological Museum), Paestum.
For further information about the program and the application process please visit ( or contact us at [email protected]