The exhibition “Tutankhamun, the treasure of the Pharaoh” will start in Paris tomorrow as part of a worldwide tour across 10 countries. The items, which were first exhibited in Los Angeles and now will visit Paris, will be exhibited in 10 countries, before returning to Egypt in 2022 where they will be permanently exhibited in the Egyptian Grand Museum.

The exhibition will run from 23 March until 15 September in Grand Halle de la Villette, Paris, and will offer visitors the opportunity to see various items from King Tut’s treasure, including 50 artefacts that had never left Egypt until now.

However, it is not the first time such an exhibition takes place in the Paris Capital. In 1967, a similar exhibition was first inaugurated in Grande Halle La Villette, with almost 1.5 million visitors, setting a visitor attendance record that still stands in the French capital. In Los Angeles, the California Science Centre had issued 100,000 tickets before the opening day of the exhibition.

Overall 150 artefacts from King Tut’s tomb, found in 1922, will be exhibited including golden coins and jewellery to elaborate sculptures and carved items. Paris is filled with posters informing the public on the event.