An ad for the sale of ancient coins had been posted on the internet by a man who was arrested by police of the Electronic Crime Prosecution Division of Northern Greece for violating the law on the protection of antiquities.

Following a search carried out in the man’s house, the following artefacts were found and confiscated: 12 ancient bronze coins, part of a bronze fibula from archaic-classical times, two ancient bronze foils, a lead weight, a lead seal, 16 Byzantine bronze coins, 17 bronze clothes’ accessories, 2 bronze buckles, a bronze ring, 7 bronze accessories, a disc-shaped lead object, 4 lead objects and 14 lead beads.

The preliminary investigation revealed the involvement of a second man who was also arrested. A single barrel shotgun was found and confiscated in his house, along with two double barrel shotguns and an old six bullet revolver, all of which had no license. A case was filed against the two men and they were escorted to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The confiscated firearms will be sent to the Criminal Investigation Division of Northern Greece to be examined by the laboratory, while the confiscated artefacts will be sent to the Antiquities Ephorate in charge for further evaluation.