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Research - Education: Call for Papers
TRAC 2020 will be hosted in Split, Croatia from the 16th to the 18th of April 2020.
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by Archaeology Newsroom

From Trench to Press

TRAC 2020

The Call for Papers/Posters for TRAC (Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference) 2020 is now open. The Call for Papers will close 15th November and the Call for Posters will close 5th January 2020.

The 30th annual TRAC will be held in the ancient City of Split, Croatia, on 16th–18th April 2020.

Anyone who is/has been working on old archaeological archives and reports, could consider applying to the TRAC session ‘From trench to press’.

The session focuses primarily on studying material from old(er) excavations using new methodological approaches to the reinterpretation of old reports with the aim of bridging the gaps between modern archaeology and pre-WWI archaeology. A second key issue covered in this session is how to approach an excavation in areas that were already excavated in the past and consequently, how to address the problems posed by old documentation in such cases. Finally, the session is concerned with how to deal with material from sites with missing documentation, also accounting for geographical biases resulting from different historical traditions of archaeological analyses.

Paper Submissions (due 15th November):

Please indicate which theme session you wish to contribute to, or if you are submitting to the general session. Any papers that are not accepted for a themed session will be considered for the general session (organised by the Local Organising Committee). The different theme sessions and organisers are listed below.

Paper submissions for TRAC sessions should include:

-Title of the theme session / general session you are submitting to

-Title of the paper

-Name(s) of the speaker(s)


-Contact email(s)

An abstract of 200–250 words

All submissions should be sent by email ONLY to the TRAC 2020 Split Local Organising Committee at [email protected] and not to individual session organisers so that paper submissions can undergo blind peer review.

The proposals will be sent to the Local Organising Committee and session organisers for review and paper proposers will be informed of the Committee’s decision by mid-December.

Poster Submissions (due 5th January 2020):

We will be accepting both hardcopies and digital posters.

Poster submissions for TRAC sessions should include:

-Title of the poster

-Name(s) of the author(s)


-Contact email(s)

-An abstract of 200–250 words

Preferred format of the poster: 5 minute video presentation / PowerPoint automatized slide show / hardcopy in B1 size (70 x 100 cms)

All submissions should be sent by email to the TRAC 2020 Split Local Organising Committee at [email protected]

The proposals will be sent to the Local Organising Committee for review and poster proposers will be informed of the Committee’s decision by 15th January 2020.