On the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the 1821 Greek Revolution, the Ioannina Ephorate of Antiquities is organizing three temporary exhibitions, in collaboration with institutions of the Ioannina Regional Unit.

The first exhibition  called “Silvershined: Silverware of Ioannina “, includes objects of worship, luxury and adornment from the 16th  century to the present day, works of unknown and known silversmiths exhibited in the city’s nine museums (the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Treasure Chest of Ioannina, Folklore Museum, “Kostas Frontzos” Museum, Municipal Museum, The Silversmithing Museum, the Museum of Ali Pasha and  Revolutionary Period, the Historical Museum of Ioannina Ch. Nikolaou).

Lecterns are discreetly used to display the exhibits, evidence of the art and technique of the silversmiths of Epirus. At the same time, artefacts from the workshops of Ioannina, with the aesthetics of today’s local gold and silver smiths at the Center of Traditional Crafts, will give the general public an opportunity to get acquainted with the techniques and types of decoration of the art of silverware in the Interactive Hall of the History of Ioannina’s silversmiths.

The exhibition will last until June 30, 2021.