An international workshop entitled “The Archaeology of Ritual: Rethinking ritual practices in sanctuaries and necropoleis of the ancient Mediterranean world”, will take place on the 7th and 8th of February at Humboldt University, Berlin.

What are the methodologies and various approaches applied to the study
of ritual contexts within the archaeological record, specifically in the
investigation of sanctuaries and necropoleis in the ancient Mediterranean
landscape? How does one define an ancient ritual practice and/or context
and what are the main difficulties encountered whilst attempting to apply
such definitions in an archaeological context? These are the main themes
we would like to address in a symposium composed of both experienced
academics as well as shedding light on new methodologies and approaches
proposed by young researchers from a variety of disciplines and

The workshop will consist of three sessions: Italy, Greece and colonies,
Cyprus/Near East and Egypt. The main guest speakers of the event will
be *Prof. Dr. Massimo Osanna *(*Archaeological Park of Pompeii*) at
*5pm Friday 7th of February* and *Prof. Dr. Harco Willems *(*KU Leuven*)
at *3pm Saturday 8th of Feburary. *The second talk will be followed by
a reception.

Key-note lectures:

Workshop program:

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