Lorenzo Calvelli, Giovannella Cresci Marrone, Alfredo Buonopane (eds.), Altera pars laboris. Studi sulla tradizione manoscritta delle iscrizioni antiche (Antichistica 24 / Storia ed epigrafia 7), Edizioni Ca’Foscari, 2019. Language: Italian, French. ISBN (PRINT): 978-88-6969-375-5, ISBN (EBOOK): 978-88-6969-374-8, DOI 10.30687/978-88-6969-374-8

Research in the field of epigraphy is continuously enriched with the discovery of unpublished documents and today is really experiencing a radical renewal thanks to digital technologies. However, a fundamental component of “the epigraphist’s discipline” is also consisting of the philological reconstruction and the investigation of personages attempted by combining testimonies from ancient inscriptions. The volume includes sixteen essays by Italian and French scholars, dedicated to the examination of the epigraphical tradition given through manuscripts and printed material; a task Theodor Mommsen called the “most difficult part” of the discipline. From the treasures still hidden in many libraries in Europe, a picture of great documentary wealth emerges, which reflects the unveiling of an enormous potential of development for future research.