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Research - Education: Job announcement
Stolen relief from a London collection, identified by the British Museum in 2014 as coming from a building of Thutmose IV in Karnak, and now back in Egypt. © Marcel Marée via CircArt website.

Circulating Artefacts (CircArt) project announces job positions

For one project coordinator and two project curators.

Circulating Artefacts (CircArt) project announces three job positions, for one project coordinator and two project curators.

The project

The Circulating Artefacts (CircArt) project is a groundbreaking initiative against the widespread global trade in illicit antiquities. Launched in March 2018, CircArt’s online platform currently focuses on antiquities from Egypt
and Sudan.

It’s designed as a tool for all, irrespective of background or profession, who
want to help counteract the looting and trafficking of cultural artefacts. CircArt is funded by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport.

The cultural heritage of Egypt and Nubia share 6000 years of ancient history and culture. Dating from Predynastic to Late Antique times (c. 6000 BC-AD 1000), the legacy of ancient Egypt and Sudan is renowned for its outstanding preservation and it is vital for our understanding of early civilization.

Recent conflicts in the area have resulted in growing levels of looting in Egypt and Sudan, causing increasing damage to archaeological sites and museums, and resulting in cultural objects illegally entering the international art market. Houses are often built on antiquities land and illicit digging occurs, with exposed monuments vandalized and looted.

Job positions

Three new jobs working with the project are now being recruited (deadline
28 May 2020):

For the position of Project Coordinator click here 

For the position of Project Curator 1 click here

For the position of Project Curator 2 click here

Browse the new platform of the British Museum here.

1. The British Museum, (22/05/2020)