Andrew Bednarski, Aidan Dodson, Salima Ikram (eds.), A History of World Egyptology, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 9781107062832. Publication planned for: November 2020

A History of World Egyptology is a ground-breaking reference work that traces the study of ancient Egypt. Spanning 150 years and global in purview, it enlarges our understanding of how and why people have looked, and continue to look, into humankind’s distant past through the lens of the enduring allure of ancient Egypt. Written by an international team of scholars, the volume investigates how territories around the world have engaged with and have been inspired by Egyptology, and how that engagement has evolved over time. Each chapter presents a specific territory from an institutional and national perspective, while examining a range of transnational links as well. The volume thus touches on multiple strands of scholarship, embracing not only Egyptology, but also social history, the history of science and reception studies. It will appeal to amateurs and professionals alike.

About the editors and contributors

Andrew Bednarski, University of Cambridge

Aidan Dodson, University of Bristol

Salima Ikram, American University in Cairo

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Table of Contents

Abbreviations and conventions used in the text
A note on academic titles
The contributors
1. The prehistory of Egyptology, Aidan Dodson, Salima Ikram and Andrew Bednarski
2. Egypt, Salima Ikram and Amr Omar
3. France, Philippe Mainterot
4. The British Isles, Aidan Dodson
5. The Netherlands, Maarten Raven
6. Belgium, Jean-Michel Bruffaerts
7. The Nordic countries, Tine Bagh
8. Prussia and Germany, Thomas Gertzen, Susanne Voss and Maximilian Georg
9. Austria, Ernst Czerny and Hana Navratilova
10. Switzerland, Aurélie Cuenod
11. Hungary, Katalin Kóthay
12. Czechoslovakia, Hana Navratilova and Adéla Jůnová Macková
13. Poland, Joachim Śliwa
14. Russia, Andrey Bolshakov
15. Italy, Patrizia Piacentini
16. Spain, Alba María Villar Gómez
17. United States of America, Peter Lacovara
18. Canada, Zoe McQuinn
19. Japan, Jiro Kondo and Nozomu Kawai
20. Australasia, Boyo Ockinga
21. Ancient Egypt in the cinema, Daniel Rafaelić
22. Past and future, Salima Ikram, Aidan Dodson and Andrew Bednarski