In the Plenary Session of the Council of State last Friday, the issue was discussed of temporarily transferring the antiquities discovered during construction works in the Thessaloniki Metro (Venizelos station).

Specifically, in the Council of State’s Plenary Session, chaired by Mary Sharp and with State Counselor Dimitris Vassiliadis as first speaker, cancellation requests were made by the Association of Greek Archaeologists, the Hellenic Society of Environment and Culture and the residents of Thessaloniki for the annulment of the decision by the Minister of Culture dated 4.3.2020.

As is known, the contested ministerial decision concerns the plans by the Attikon Metro company for the construction of the Thessaloniki metro’s Venizelos station and the temporary removal of its antiquities and their relocation to the same place by 92%, after completion of the station’s construction works.

Associations etc. argue that the contested decision is illegal, that it violates the principles of transparency, objectivity, sound administration, legal certainty, and is contrary to Law 3028/2002 on the transferring of monuments.

At the same time, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Region of Central Macedonia and the chambers of Thessaloniki have intervened in favor of the contested decision. Finally, the Plenary Session of the CoS has reserved the right to issue its decision, which is imminent.