The informing and promoting of the natural heritage of Lesvos seek to enhance the geological monuments, landscapes and sites of ecological interest, with the aim of utilizing them for developing alternative forms of tourism. Geosites are protected elements of the landscape according to environmental legislation (Law 1650/1986, Law 3937/2011) because they are the key witnesses of the earth’s  history.

“Appointment at the Geosites of Lesvos”

The presentation of the Geosites includes places that are located throughout Lesvos such as the “Tectonic Window of Olympus”, the “Volcano of Lepetymnos – Viglas Volcanic Structure”, the “Volcanic Structure of the Prophet Elias Parakoilon”, the “Ordemnos – The “Ypsilou Monastery”, the “Larsos Rift”, the “Vathilimnos Hidiron Waterfall”, the “Antilissa Cave Cave” and the “Agia Paraskevi Rift”.

The digital presentation continues with the screening of 2 geotopes every week for the whole of 2021 with the 160 registered Geotopes of Lesvos included in the recognition of Lesvos as a UNESCO World Geopark and are accessible on the website of the Museum of Natural History of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos and the Lesvos page – UNESCO World Geopark on facebook: