Birgitta Eder – Michaela Zavadil (eds.), (Social) Place and Space in Early Mycenaean Greece, Denkschriften der phil.-hist. Klasse 528 Mykenische Studien 35 2021, Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, ISBN (printed edition) 9783700188544, ISBN (online edition) 978-3-7001-8934-3, pp 628, 29,7x21cm.

The Mycenaean culture of Greece (ca. 1700–mid-11th century BC) has left an outstanding material legacy in terms of buildings and artefacts. For a long time, its exploration has focused on palaces and funerary monuments. However, in recent years the state of research has changed significantly, opening up new perspectives for a broader understanding of the emergence of Mycenaean culture in the 17th to 15th centuries B.C. The contributions in this volume provide new information, either insights from recent fieldwork, the fresh analysis of key assemblages, or more comprehensive comparative studies that, by examining settlements and tombs alike, open up new perspectives on the emergence of a new social order.

Printed with the support of the Holzhausen Bequest of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and published in print and open access with the support of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

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