Four years after the catastrophic fire of 2019 in the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, the restoration works are being completed and are enhancing the image of the church. According to The Times, the historic monument is “at its best” free of “150 years of dust” on the walls.

Before the fire was even extinguished, the French authorities received a staggering €846 million in donations. It was revealed that the project has cost a total of €700 million so far.

It should be noted that the church’s reconstruction slowed down because of the Covid 19 pandemic and the contamination of the space by lead dust after the fire. The removal of “460 tons of lead dust” cost €150 million.

During the reconstruction the project managers noticed the extent of dirt covering the church’s interior. French Culture Minister Jean-Michel Guilment said it was “impressive” to see a statue white once more.

Project leader and army chief Jean-Louis Georgelin told The Times that when the church opens, “you’ll see it like you’ve never seen it before.”