Naguib Kanawati et al., Beni Hassan VII. The Burial Apartment of Baqet II (ACE Reports, 46), Abercromby Press, 2022. ISBN: 978 1 912246 18 2.

The recent re-clearance of the main shaft and burial chambers of the tomb of BAqt II (No. 33) by the Australian Centre for Egyptology during the 2018 and 2019 seasons has revealed far more information than previously known. Found at the bottom of the shaft was a very elaborate burial apartment formed of three rooms and two magazines. The almost complete skeletal remains were found in the burial pit, possibly emptied there during an earlier clearance of the shaft, and perhaps the removal of the coffin. A large number of pottery vessels were also discovered in the magazines, many containing the remains of items of food. All four walls of the burial chamber were decorated with scenes showing animated figures, while the lower sections of the walls were inscribed with religious texts.

The present volume provides a detailed description of the tomb’s architectural features and wall scenes, as well as a translation of all of its inscriptions. It also includes a full report on the skeletal remains of BAqt II, in addition to an in-depth analysis of the pottery and mud sealings recovered from his tomb.

Dated to the end of the second half of the reign of Mentuhotep II, the tomb of BAqt II provides important insights into the power of the nomarchic families of the Oryx nome and is therefore an essential source for the study of this important period of Egyptian history.