The History Museum of Armenia and the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography NAS of Armenia organize an international conference dedicated to the various manifestations of privileges and hierarchy in complex societies.

In academic literature, the various issues of power and hierarchy in ancient societies occupy a special place. In the middle of the 2nd millennium BCE, Kura-Araxes interfluve is represented by communities with various manifestations of power structures, i.e., early state formations along with the societies responsible for the creation of states in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Asia Minor, on the Iranian Plateau, and in the Balkan Peninsula. Many studies dedicated to the social landscape, societal structure, and early state formations, have been carried out with archaeological data collected in the aforementioned areas, although the archaeological and anthropological manifestations of privilege and hierarchy have not yet been the subject of a wider discussion.

A discussion on the issue in question as well as the participation of archaeologists, physical and cultural anthropologists, historians, and specialists in comparative mythology and linguistics as well as representatives of
other concomitant disciplines will be a part of the respective conference.

Reports for the conference may cover the following topics:

– Methodological and theoretical issues related to the research of ancient societies, social evolution, and hierarchy systems in these societies and their manifestations.
– A Study of Hierarchy in Ancient Societies by Comparative Linguistics and Mythology,
– Wheeled vehicles and communications as factors of transformation influencing sociocultural landscape,
– The archaeological manifestations of privilege and hierarchy, social make-up, and structure in the Bronze-Iron Age societies of the South Caucasus.
– The state formations of the Armenian Highlands during the 3rd-1st millennia BC and the Near East.
– Archaeological manifestations of hierarchy in ancient societies of the Caucasus and Eurasian Steppe.

Those who wish to take part in the work of the conference are requested to fill out the application questionnaire (trilingual google form in Armenian, English, and Russian) here.

Languages of the conference: Armenian, Russian, and English.

Abstracts of reports (300-500 words) should be sent by June 20, 2023 to the following address:
[email protected].

There is no registration fee for participation. Participants should provide their own options to cover travel
expenses in case of in-person participation.
After the conference, a series of scientific articles on the relevant subjects are planned to be published. The
deadline for the article submission is November, 30, 2023.
The organizing committee can assist with an official invitation if required for a visa or business trip. Scientific articles presented at the conference are to be published following peer review.

Please contact Benik Vardanian ([email protected]) with any questions.