On  he University of Edinburgh, Centre for Legal History will host the conference Ancient Law: Outside the Norms in the Moot Court Room, Old College. Organisers of the conference are prof dr Paul J. du Plessis and dr Renske Janssen.

The conference Ancient Law: Outside the Norms will explore the broad spectrum of innovative, often interdisciplinary, approaches to the study of ancient law that have emerged in recent years. It aims to bring together scholars working on law and legal thinking throughout the ancient Mediterranean world from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and is particularly concerned with the way in which ancient law can be studied as a social phenomenon. Topics of discussion will include perceptions of the law in various time periods and geographical areas, law and identity, legal pluralism, religion and law, and the legal experiences of marginalised groups. By taking a broad methodological, temporary and geographical approach, the conference hopes to contribute to further developing the theoretical framework underpinning the study ancient law and create new connections between scholars working in the field.

For the full programme, see https://www.law.ed.ac.uk/news-events/events/ancient-law-outside-norms .

This event is hybrid and it is open to all but registration is required.

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