On Saturday the 10th of June 2023, the second and final phase of a research project was conducted, which entails the transportation of four Ptolemaic mummies of the National Archaeological Museum (NAM) Egyptian Collection, and their imaging examination with the use of a CT scanner. This comes as a continuation of the first research stage, which took place in October 2016 and involved five Ptolemaic mummies of the NAM Collection.

The project, which is unique in its kind, innovative and pioneering for Greece, was implemented thanks to the co-operation of the National Archaeological Museum, the Athens Medical Center Group and the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology.

The examination was carried out in the Department of the CT/ MT Scanner of the Athens Medical Center under the directions and supervision of the Department’s Director, Dr Nicolaos Bontozoglou with his scientific team.

The overall conclusions of the project will be discussed in an one-day conference, as well as in publications or scientific presentations by the interdisciplinary research team.

Similar projects have been conducted in various countries with collections of Egyptian antiquities, among others in the USA and Great Britain, where the imaging examination was performed in well-known University hospitals with the corresponding collaboration of the local Museums.

Warm thanks are due to the Orphee Beinoglou International Forwarders, which fully undertook the expenses and the construction of special suitable crates in which the mummies were placed and safely transported, as well as to the Greek Police for their contribution.