Daniela Hofmann, Catherine J. Frieman & Astrid J. Nyland (eds.), Migration Narratives in Archaeology, Paperback ISBN: 9789464262025 | Imprint: Sidestone Press | Format: 200x270mm | 72 pp. | Series: HotAcademia | Language: English | 27 illus. (bw) | Keywords: archaeology; prehistory; migration; mobility; methods; stereotypes; stories | DOI: 10.59641/ukr271lm2023


Migration is not just a recent, crisis-driven phenomenon, but a fundamental part of human life – and has always been so. This booklet is aimed at everyone who is interested in human migration in the past. In short texts, we first deconstruct twelve common migration stereotypes which are often encountered in both scholarly texts and other media, such as news reports. While most of our texts are written from an archaeological perspective, they also impact how we see migration in the present. For example, are migrations always violent? What is the demographic impact of migrations? How does migration change both migrants and welcoming societies?

A second section explains five common archaeological and scientific methods used to trace past migrations, for example ancient DNA (aDNA), isotopic analysis, and archaeological sourcing methods. In a final part, we present seven selected case studies from the European prehistoric past, from the Stone Age to the early medieval Migration Period. Each text is accompanied by a lavish illustration which functions as a trigger for critical reflection in its own right – whether by provoking laughter, presenting alternative narratives, or inviting emotional responses. The volume also contains a series preface, an introduction, and suggestions for further reading. Enjoy!

This booklet is also available in Norwegian here: Arkeologiske fortellinger om migrasjon