The Landscape Archaeology Conference 2024 will take place in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain) on 10-14th June 2024. The deadline for submitting a paper for the LAC2024 conference has been extended to 01 March 2024:

Session 13: Tracking (in)visible states and Domestic Spaces through Microarchaeology from Protohistory to Roman times: Iberia and North Africa

Although microcontextual analysis is being increasingly applied to rebuilding domestic dynamics from the Late Prehistory and Ancient historical context, its incorporation in archaeological research agendas based on using data provided by domestic architecture and settlement organization, is far from systematic. Thanks to current Iberian and Roman territorial studies, we have a fair knowledge of how domestic architecture and waste management can be a great indicator for analyzing historical societies, such subjects as socio-economic status and household wealth, energy supply, transit surfaces, social complexity, as well as settlement patterns and urban planning. However, microcontextual studies are still limited. It becomes even more difficult to understand sedentarization, urbanization and state formation from a microstratigraphic perspective considering the geomorphological and bioarcheological dynamics of domestic landscapes. In this sense, the aim of this session is to bring together interdisciplinary approaches resultant from microarchaeological procedures applied to a wide range of domestic contexts and social organization, from early Iron Age to more complex urban societies in Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. Thus, in a methodological approach to domestic strategies we propose to (a) examine present approaches, and innovations for addressing the microarchaeological record; (b) to address the challenges of combining high-resolution methods in order to advance in our understanding of the domestic spaces in long-term occupations and their associated occupation deposits; (c) to evaluate the contribution of experimental and ethnoarchaeological comparative records; (d) to discuss the role of microarchaeological approaches in exploring major research questions of importance today of waste management and energy supply; and (e) to submit potential upcoming guidelines.

Organizing Committee

Ariadna Guimerà (Spanish National Research Council IMF-CSIC)

Marta Mateu (Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology)

Alejandra Sánchez-Polo (University of Valladolid)

Marta Portillo (Spanish National Research Council IMF-CSIC)