“The choice of the Makriyiannis site (for the erecting of the new Acropolis Museum), will create transportation, technological, financial and most of all environmental problems, being from the town-planning point of view, one of the most problematic and crtitical locations of Athens. The unavoidable huge volume of the future museum will not easily coexist with the immediate surroundings of a questionable quality, or with the adjacent Acropolis. We must not forget that back in the 1930s, in the pre-war years it had been decided to erect the Supreme Court on the same spot following the plans of the celebrated Greek architect Anastasios Metaxas. But, the prospect of building a huge edifice in the surrounding the Acropolis area generated such a world-wide reaction, that the project was soon cancelled.” The above quotation was written by the famous Greek architect and town-planner Giorgos Kandylis, president of the International Selection Committee for the new Acropolis Museum, who, due to an accident, was unable to participate in the crucial session which awarded the First Prize for the plans of the new Acropolis Museum.