The first writers to justify suicide were Kalvos and Solomos. Vizyinos, Papadiamantis and Metsakes were pioneers in the “anthology of suicide”. The “Dance of Zalongos” proved to be an ideology and a national monument. Since the 1900s Greek newspapers have noted instances of suicide. Following their previous discussions on the suicides Karyotakis, Giannopoulos, Lapathiotes, Sikoutris and Penelope Delta, a group of psychoanalysts discusses the death wish as pathogenic, in the last act of the play “Ideal Suicides”. “Atzesivanus’ Suicide” a sonnet by Sikelianos. Rembetika songs and pre war amanedes, a composition by George Zambetas. The painter Akrithakes: How does he relate to the poet Karyotakis?