The protection is based on the provisions of articles 24 and 117, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Constitution, where the fundamental right to protect the environment is secured as a right of the individual for the creation and preservation of these conditions that guarantee life, health and its quality , physical and spiritual, and the environment in itself as a directly protectable legal value. Consequently, the components of the environment are thus protected independently of the gift of life, health and dignity.Until recently they alone legally guaranteed the right for a healthy and ecologically balanced environment. The lake of Distos is protected as an environmental entity which has an ecological or biological value so the process of nature, the balance of ecosystems and their particularities can be safeguarded.

The fundamental right of protecting the environment is supplemented by a series of other provisions of Public Law ,of local or “Eurocommunity” origin,Private, mainly Civil Law also deals with these issues by conveying the constitutional order of the article 24 to the Legislator so that he can take all necessary legal measures for the protection of the environment.