The Centre for Byzantine Research of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki organizes a photography exhibition entitled “Imprints: Byzantine Thessaloniki on photographs and drawing of the British School at Athens 1888-1910”, participating in this way in the celebration for the 100 years since the city’s liberation.

The exhibition features mainly unpublished photographs and drawing of the city’s monuments from the Archive of the British School at Athens. Most exhibits are works of the architects R. Weir Schultz and S.H. Barnsley, who visited Thessaloniki in 1888 and 1890, in order to photograph and record its Byzantine monuments, and of W.S. George, who stayed in Thessaloniki during the years 1907-1910, as a member of the newly founded British Research Fund.

Visitors can draw valuable information from the exhibition’s material about the original form and the architectural history of Byzantine temples. Furthermore, unknown aspects of the city are being showcased, dating from the eve of the big changes that transformed Thessaloniki dramatically.

As a parallel event to the exhibition, on December 6, 2012, at 20:30, a lecture will be given by Amalia G. Kakissis and Dimitra Kotoula, entitled “Βyzantium and British architects: recording Thessalonike 1888-1910”, at the lecture hall of Vafopouleion Cultural Centre.