The members of the Museums Council have given the green light to the modified building program for the Archaeological Museum of Athens. The museum will be built within the archaeological site of Plato’s Academy.

As Culture Secretary General Lina Mendoni stated, the building erected should have a minimum impact on the environment, underlining the ecological character of the structure’s design that will be based on bioclimatic principles. An international architectural competition, funded by the Region of Attica, will soon be announced.

The total area of the new museum will be approximately 16,500 square metres: 5,400 square metres for the exhibitional spaces, 3,500 square metres for the storage rooms, 650 square metres for the rooms of educational and scientific events, 680 square metres for conservation workshops, 300 square metres for the museum shop and 500 square metres for a conference hall. As for the parking facilities, a new subterranean parking has been planned at the “REDS” plot, with a capacity of 160 spaces. The existing open air parking will be closed.