First Aid Stations will be developed in selected archaeological sites during the summer, by an initiative of Deputy Cultural Minister Mr. Costas Tzavaras. The project will be realized in collaboration with the Volunteers Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguards Corps of the Greek Red Cross.

Furthermore, it has been decided that the museum security personnel of selected archaeological sites will receive the appropriate training and certification in order to be able to give first aid.

In his statement about the first aid stations, Mr. Tzavaras stressed that “Voluntarism is one of our Ministry’s first priorities. We are already working on a legal framework for citizens interested in taking part in any form of voluntary cultural activity – these activities will cover all aspects of Classical, Modern and contemporary Greek culture. Within this framework, we will try to raise awareness of volunteers from Greece, Greeks living abroad and all Philhellene movements across the world about the big issue of protecting and enhancing our cultural heritage.”