Stunning new exhibition brings to life the dramatic search for Britain’s last medieval king. Earlier this week, the University of Leicester confirmed that human remains buried at Greyfriars in Leicester city centre were indeed those of King Richard III, based on overwhelming evidence from DNA analysis, battle injuries, the age and the condition of the bones.

The exhibition at Leicester’s medieval Guildhall brings together for the first time new evidence from scientists, historians and archaeologists to give fresh insight into the life, death and burial of England’s last Plantagenet king.

The exhibition takes visitors through the thrilling story of the dramatic discovery, the scientific examination and the ultimate goal of identifying the skeleton.

Visitors will also be able to see an exact recreation of King Richard’s battle-scarred skull, based on detailed scans of the original skull carried out by the University of Leicester. There are also vivid reconstructions, touch screen technology and a wealth of archaeological finds and evidence bringing to life medieval Leicester and King Richard’s final days.

The exhibition “Richard III: Leicester’s Search for a King” opens to the public at the Guildhall, at 10am on Friday, February 8.