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Massimo Listri, “Biblioteca Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil”. (Source: Benaki Museum)
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by Archaeology Newsroom

Photographic Architecture by Massimo Listri

At the Benaki Museum

The exhibition “Massimo Listri: Photographic Architecture”, curated by Magda Baltogianni, opens today at the Benaki Museum. It presents a selection of photographs by artist Massimo Listri, which include his iconic prospects of baroque palaces, the neoclassical interiors and Renaissance libraries.

The photographer is based in Florence, and is fascinated how his architectural subject matter allows him to control the composition of his image.

For many years he has photographed classicism devoid of people. More than a simple record of architecture, through his lens Listri rediscovers historical spaces and invites us to examine them afresh.

His oeuvre has been presented at many public and private foundations worldwide. Through the course of his career he has published over fifty books on art and architecture.