George Zongolopoulos Foundation, which was established in 2004 from the sculptor George Zongolopoulos, preserves the work of one of the most important representatives of contemporary sculpture in Greece and it aims to inaugurate a new way of promotion and utilization of cultural heritage of its founder, starting with the digitization and documentation of 1095 objects of his collection and offering to the public, in this way, a thorough and direct contact with the artist’s work.

It will be realized in the context of NSRF and the Operational Program “Digital Convergence” with the project “Digitization and Elevation of Cultural Repository of George Zongolopoulos’ Foundation”, which the Foundation submitted based on its institutional goals for the promotion and dissemination of George Zongolopoulos’ work. The project has been approved of and awarded -after an international tender- to PostScriptum.

The project includes the digitization and scientific documentation of G. Zongolopoulos’ work and the insertion of the digital archive to the leading collection management system MuseumPlus, which organizes the collection with precision and in parallel, facilitates web access to the public with the application of the eMuseumPlus software. In addition, the project consists of the creation of virtual exhibitions and digital applications in the web site of the Foundation, as well as the development of interactive educational installations in-situ.

Another pillar of the project is the enrichment of the Foundation’s online environment and the optimization of the existing website, according to the new functional requirements, which will make the navigation of the user more fun.

Moreover, Virtual Exhibitions of the collections and of the archives of the Foundation will be realized. Both will be based on the virtual tour in the permanent collection and the thematic exhibition under the title “Zongolopoulos in the world”.

In these exhibitions the user will be able to see online the collection and to contribute to the content, discussing his/her opinion on G. Zongolopoulos’ works with others users.

An interactive Timeline will be also implemented, which will display archive material of the works, composing the history of the artist and giving to the users the impression of travelling in time. In addition, the implementation of the educational application “The Sculpture in Space” will give the opportunity to the users to explore their skills in the formation of the urban environment and to acquaint themselves with the artist’s sculptures, through the ability to choose and the virtual installation of the sculpture in public spaces where works of G. Zongolopoulos could be potentially placed.

The premises of the Foundation will be reformed in order to serve the educational actions that will take place, giving the opportunity to the public to live the experience of the visit in deeper level, offering simultaneously interesting educational extensions.