The marble pedestals on which the two Caryatids of the Amphipolis burial monument (northern Greece) stand were fully revealed after the two last blocks of the sealing wall in front of the second diaphragmatic wall were removed.

The decoration of the pedestals follows the marble revetment of the walls. Each pedestal’s height is 1.40m (4.59 feet), their width 1.36m (4.46 feet) and their depth 0.72m (2.36 feet). The total height of pedestal and statue is an imposing 3.67m (12 feet). The floor of this second chamber is slightly elevated by 0.07m (2.29 inches). Traces of blue pigment have been found on its surface.

The 28th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities has continued the excavation works, led by archaeologist Katerina Peristeri, removing debris up to 1.5m depth and revealing the rest of the marble revetment of the walls, as in the previously unearthed chamber, and a big part of the frame leading to the third chamber.

Buttressing works have been completed in the first chamber and carried on in the second and third one.