Cambridge University Press announced that it will publish Antichthon, the journal of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS), from 2015.
Antichthon is an internationally recognised journal of ancient world studies. While it places its main emphasis on Greece and Rome, its scope has been broadly defined so as to embrace the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean from the beginnings of civilisation to the Early Middle Ages. The journal will continue to publish annually.
Antichthon’s move to Cambridge confirms the Press’s position as a leading publisher of humanities scholarship with the world’s most distinguished list of classics journals.  
The journal will be hosted on Cambridge’s electronic publishing platform, Cambridge Journals Online (CJO), and its back issues will be digitised. As well as benefiting from CJO’s inbuilt tools to enhance discoverability and support reader experience, Antichthon will be included in Cambridge’s consortia sales programme, covering over 2,000 institutions, thus ensuring that content is available to a truly global audience.
Professor Elizabeth Minchin and Professor Arthur Pomeroy, the editors of Antichthon, issued a joint statement saying ‘We are delighted that Cambridge has become the publisher of Antichthon, a journal that has for nearly 50 years featured the best of both Australasian and international scholarship. Our new home will ensure that the journal will have a strong future as part of the global community of scholars.’
Beatrice Rehl, Director of Publishing, Humanities at Cambridge University Press said, ‘We are delighted to be partnering with the ASCS to publish Antichthon, an exciting addition to our classics list. We look forward to working closely with the ASCS and the journal’s Editorial board to enhance Antichthon’s profile and dissemination, by taking full advantage of our global consortia sales programme and our industry-leading electronic publishing platform.