The 13th century, with the subjugation and partition of the Byzantine Empire (since 1204 and onwards) by Western crusaders, is a key point in the development of the Byzantine art in general. In Cyprus, already occupied since 1191 by the Crusaders and the autocephalous Church subjugated to the Pope of Rome under the Constitutio Cypria, known as Bulla Cypria, the change in art is evident with local peculiarities.

The exhibition “Κυπριακώ των τρόπω – Maniera Cypria” highlights the Cypriot painting during the 13th century and the ways of artistic symbiosis between two worlds, East and West, in the artworks of the period. Through the icons on display in the exhibition, and in comparison with other artworks, not only icons, the parameters affecting this artistic production are featured: the multicultural environment created in Cyprus during the first century of the Frankish conquest of the island, the establishment of the Latin Church, the presence of Western artists, but also refugees from Syria, Palestine, and probably also from Constantinople, Greek Kingdoms or Despotates. The purpose of this exhibition is the realization, that the Cypriot art of the first century under the Frankish rule (1191-1300) is the continuation of the rich Byzantine art of post-Comnenian period, with more or less fruitful, successful mixture and foreign elements, which can be found in secondary parts of the compositions.

For the artistic production of the 13th century in Cyprus have prepared special chapters in the bilingual Catalogue of the Exhibition (Greek-English) written by distinguished researchers (D.D. Triandafyllopoulos, K. Vafeiadis, Char. Chotzakoglou, Chr. Hadjichristodoulou and I. Eliades. The exhibition displays icons from the rich collection of the Byzantine Museum of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation, and icons from all over Cyprus given on loan from the Holy Bischoprics of Morphou, Limassol and Paphos.

The exhibition is curated by the director of the Byzantine Museum, Dr Ioannis Eliades, and is organized by the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation in collaboration with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the death of the Archbishop Makarios III and the creation the Cultural Center of Archbishop Makarios III Foundation. This exhibition is part of the initiatives of Cyprus Tourism Organization to promote the religious tourism. This Exhibition is one of the official events of the Cultural Capital of Europe – Paphos 2017.

Venue/Duration: Hall of temporary exhibitions of the Byzantine Museum Foundation Archbishop Makarios III, Nicosia, through July 31, 2017

Visit Hours: Monday – Friday: 0900-1600 and Saturday: 0900-1300.