Archaeologists working at the ancient port of Parion, Turkey, have traced hundreds of large buildings still buried.

The excavations have been carried out since 2005, but recently archaeologists have discovered the change in perspective regarding the size of the ancient city. According to professor Vedat Keles from Ondokuz Mayıs University’s Archaeology Department Parion will become the new Ephesus.

So far various artefacts, sarcophagi and graves have been excavated, with the discovery of a 2,700-year-old well only a few days ago. Eight more wells have been found in the area, but only one still has drinking water. The water is thought to have healing properties for skin and stomach disorders.

Parion was an ancient Greek city in Mysia, on the Hellespont, founded in 709 BC. It was a harbour, and a customs station, with relations with Thrace and Anatolia throughout history.