The Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica of the Università degli Studi di Cagliari and the Department of Classics of the University of Edinburgh are starting a joint PhD programme, part of Dottorato in Studi filologico-letterari e storico-culturali of the Università degli Studi di Cagliari.

Students in the programme will have the opportunity to spend between 18 and 24 months in Cagliari and between 12 and 18 months in Edinburgh, achieving at the end a join-PhD awarded by the two universities. Each student enrolled in the joint PhD programme will have two supervisors, one in Cagliari and the other in Edinburgh. The programme is fully funded, with scholarships (one of which reserved to non-Italian candidates holding a degree from abroad) provided by the Università degli Studi di Cagliari.

The deadline for applications is 27 August 2018. Students will start in Cagliari in October 2018, will spend their first year of PhD in Cagliari, and will have their period in Edinburgh starting from the second year of PhD (by which point they will need to fulfil the Edinburgh language requirements, but not already with the initial application).

For details of the joint programme (and entry requirements) see:

For the application process see:

Candidates need to submit a PhD research proposal (mandatorily written in English, min. 8,000 max 16,000 characters including spaces – excluding title, schemes, charts and bibliographic references) to [email protected], indicating “Progetto di ricerca XXXIV ciclo” as the subject of the e-mail. The proposal must include:
i) purpose of the proposed research project;
ii) state of the art;
iii) detailed work-plan;
iv) expected results;
Candidates are also required to submit a personal statement, max. 1,000 characters (including spaces), explaining the reasons prompting the candidate to apply for the PhD Programme.

Candidates will be invited to interview in Cagliari. The interview – mainly in English – will be concerned particularly with:
– testing language and methodological skills, as necessary for the planned research project;
– discussing the research proposal in all its parts with the admission board.

For more information, please to not hesitate to write to me at [email protected], as well as to the contacts indicated at the links above.