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News: Cultural Heritage
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The ancient artefacts confiscated in the village of Corinth (photo: Hellenic Police)
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by Archaeology Newsroom

Corinth: Ancient artefacts hidden in a field were confiscated

Operation by the Ioannina Police Department

A large number of antiquities were found and seized last Thursday in a village in Corinth as part of a police operation organized by the Ioannina Security Directorate, and a 40-year-old man was arrested for violating legislation for antiquities and cultural heritage in general.

Following a proper assessment and forensic analysis, officers arrived in Corinth and conducted a search of a field owned by the detainee, where antiquities were found and seized to be evaluated by an archaeologist summoned by the police.

The following were confiscated: part of a Roman bas-relief, two oinochoe vases of the Late Helladic period, four prochous vases, two of which are from Geometric times, two small prochous vases of the Late Helladic-Early Geometric era, a small Late Helladic-Early Geometric prochous vase, five pyxis vessels of the Classical-Hellenistic and Late Helladic times, three of them with lids, a covered skyphos cup of the Late Archaic-Classical period, four small Late Helladic stirrup amphoras  , a shallow wine bowl/kyathion of the Classical-Hellenistic period, an imitation prochous of the Late Helladic- Early Geometric era, a small Late Helladic-Early Geometric pyxis,  a bronze Geometric – Archaic figurine, a stone Byzantine or post-Byzantine column capital, five silver Classical-Hellenistic coins, a coin with an illegible inscription and a cup.

Investigations are under way to find out the manner and time of acquisition of the confiscated artifacts which, according to an archaeologist of the Ioannina Ephorate of Antiquities, fall under the protective provisions of legislation for antiquities and cultural heritage in general.

The ancient artifacts were handed over to the Corinth Ephorate of Antiquities.

The Ioannina Security Directorate is investigating the case and the detainee will be sent to the Corinth District Attorney with his case file.

1. Translated by Archaeology Newsroom