The University of Pisa is organizing a cycle of talks during the month
of May, distributed in four different days, about the topic “Clashing Religions: the different layers of religious beliefs inside ancient Egypt”, which aims at gathering scholars to present their own researches about different aspects of the religion(s) in ancient Egypt.

The focus is centred on coexisting and conflicting layers of religious
practices and beliefs in society and daily activities. The talks will be included in the framework of “EST – Egyptological Seminars Under the Tower”, started in 2016 at the University of Pisa:

The aim of “EST seminars” is to bring emerging and established scholars
in Pisa in order to present their recent or ongoing researches or to discuss
particular targeted topics. The event has a simple and regular format: a single lecture of about 45 minutes, followed by discussion or questions.

From this year onward, we would like to launch a call for papers for
two scholars to take part to EST together with the other invited scholars. Any scholar who is dealing with the above topic is welcome to submit a proposal for a lecture at the university of Pisa. The candidature can be put forward by sending a title, affiliation and position (if any) and a short abstract (no more than 300 words) by 15th March 2020, to the
following addresses: Prof. Marilina Betrò ([email protected]) and Prof. Gianluca Miniaci ([email protected] ). The University of Pisa will pay flight (within Europe zone) and accommodation for 2 nights for the selected speakers.

The talks will be held during the month of May and they will be
published in a dedicated volume with the same title, “Clashing Religions: the different layers of religious beliefs inside ancient Egypt”, in the new series “Aegyptologica Pisana: Distinguished Studies in Egyptology”, edited by Brepols, due by the end of September 2020.

For any question or other information feel free to contact us.