During this troubling time, the Egypt Exploration Society has been working
hard to keep everyone Egyptological stimulated by offering a range of free
virtual public lectures.

Due to the popularity of these lectures, the Society has increased attendance
capacity up to 500 per webinar, and invites whomever interested in attending to reserve a place through the following link:


Presentations include:

-“People at Amarna”, by Dr. Chris Naunton

-“The City of the Sharp-Nosed Fish”, by Dr. Stephanie Boonstra

-“Night, night! Sleeping tight on an ancient Egyptian headrest?”, by Dr.
Katharina Zinn

-“Tents and Tombs: Accommodating Archaeologists”, by Dr. Carl Graves

-“Rewriting Egyptian Antiquity in Ancient Rome: Egyptian Obelisks and
Their Reuse in Roman Italy”, by Dr. Luigi Prada

-“Tell tall tales? The Museum of Lies as a collection of alternative
narratives of Egyptian objects”, by Dr. Katharina Zinn

-“While Skulls Bobbed on the Waves: Petrie at Hawara”, by Dr. Campbell Price

-“Predynastic Palettes: An Introduction”, by Matt Szafran

-“Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage: Histories & Legacies of EES Excavations”, by
Dr. Alice Stevenson

-“Seeing Under the Sands: Geophysics at Saqqara”, by Dr. Campbell Price

More lectures will be announced on the Society’s website and social media channels in due course.