Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni visited the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) on Tuesday morning, to be informed about the health measures taken for the safety of both visitors and employees of the Museum. Accompanied by Secretary General of Modern Culture, Nikolas Giatromanolakis, the Minister toured the halls of the Museum, noting that they are completely safe to welcome visitors. “The truth is,” said Lina Mendoni, “that EMST had been “wronged”more than other museums, because just three weeks after its successful launch attracting thousands of people, it was forced to close its doors owing to the covid-19 epidemic”.

Ms. Mendoni said that the EMST is safe not only because the measures taken are extremely strict but also because its large public areas and halls  allow visitors to enjoy its great exhibits at their leisure. She thanked the Secretary General, as well as the EMST staff, not only for the important work they have accomplished, but also for the fact that the design of security measures was adapted to the spirit of a modern museum.

Furthermore, the EMST is currently in the process of hiring 13 employees of various skills, with a fixed-term contract under private law and a deadline for submitting applications on June 22. In the next few days, the cafe will be open on the ground floor, while the restaurant is under preparation with a unique view of the Acropolis. Admission to the EMST until July 15 is free.