Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) publishes new material; new entries include photographic documentation for five post-Sullan monuments inscribed with decrees honoring ephebes and entries for the two major choregic monuments of Nikias and Thrasyllos (320-19 B.C.).

Attic Inscriptions Online additions

To begin with, Attic Inscriptions Online project has released AIO Papers 11B (July 2020); the publication comes to complete with photos and corrigenda the presentation at AIO Papers 11 (July 2019) of the five substantially preserved post-Sullan inscriptions carrying decrees of the Athenian Council and/or People honoring ephebes.

Furthermore, the database now contains entries for the monuments of Nikias and of Thrasyllos, two major choragic monuments post-dating the dissolution of the Athenian democracy in 321/0 BC. Also, it now contains a complete sequence of dedications by agonothetai, IG II3 4, 518 – 539 (IG II3 4, 528 was already on AIO), and a revised version of notes on the Lysikrates monument (IG II3 4, 460). More, the publication of the marker of the property of the Piraeans, IG II2 2623 is also a new entry.

Revisions and adjustments

In addition, the database’s experts have revised further material such as the entries for Athens’ treaty with the Thracian kings, 357 BC (RO 47), and the treaty with the Thracian, Paionian, and Illyrian kings, 356/5 BC (RO 53). AIO now includes updated Greek texts, translations, and notes for all the Attic inscriptions in RO. They also adjusted AIO’s entry for the sacrificial calendar of Thorikos (CGRN 32) (ll. 40-41) in the light of the recent update of CGRN. As stated, “where up-to-date Greek texts are not available elsewhere online in open access, we have added them in this release to entries first published on AIO in 2017 and 2018, lightly revising the translations and notes. All translations on AIO are now accompanied by a corresponding Greek text either on AIO itself or on a linked open-access site.

On the monument of Thrasyllos see here.