The Ministry of Culture and Sports announced that the museums are welcoming the public again from Friday, May 14. The safe opening of the museums adds to the smooth operation of the archaeological sites, open to visitors from March 22, and marks an important step in the gradual reoperating of the country’s cultural infrastructure, states the Ministry.

“Just before celebrating International Museum Day, the museums are reopening their doors to the Greek public and to visitors from all over the world”, said Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni. “In view of the dynamic start of the tourist season, our main concern is the safe return of the public to the places of culture which remained closed for a long time due to the restrictive measures imposed by epidemiological data. The National Art Gallery is ready to welcome the public from May 14, while the new museum spaces at the Ziller-Loverdou Mansion in Athens and Arethousa in Chalkida are also opening in May. The cafeterias (like other catering services) as well as the museum shops (like commercial stores) will operate with protection measures by the Organization for the Management and Development of Cultural Resources. The Ministry of Culture and Sports is seeing to the smooth reintegration of cultural activities into the daily life of the Greek public “.

Watch the Ministry’s video on the reopening of museums here​.