The International Symposium “THE ART OF WAR THEN AND NOW: From Thermopylae and Granicus to Afghanistan and Ukraine” will take place in the Garden of the Archaeological Museum of Sparti, on Wednesday 6 July 2022, in person or on Zoom, at 20:00-22:30 EEST/18:00-20:30 BST.

War and conflict were commonplace between the ancient city-states, while the role of war in ancient Sparta has been a central theme in depictions of Spartan society from antiquity to the present day. Generals in modern history have turned to the ancient Greek models to shape their own military practice, reviving or perpetuating the emphasis on decisive battles as the only way to win a war. Also, the return of the warrior from war and their reintegration into political life are particularly complex issues since antiquity. Can the ancient world offer the space to explore modern warfare experiences – either as a soldier / veteran or as a citizen? But what is war after all?

The study of this eternal problem will be presented through in-depth academic lectures and testimonies of war veterans at the International Symposium organized by the Municipality of Sparta, the Legal Entity of Culture & Environment of the Municipality of Sparti, the Hellenic Chapter of the Association of US Army, and the Centre for Spartan & Peloponnesian Studies (CSPS) at the University of Nottingham, entitled “The Art of War Then and Now. From Thermopylae and Granicus to Afghanistan and Ukraine “.


-Opening of the event by the Mayor of Sparta Mr. Petros Doukas & CSPS Director Dr. Chrysanthi Gallou

-Brief welcome remarks by officials

-AUSA’s Community Partner Program Introduction by Chris Holidis, Hellenic Chapter’s Director, for Community Partners

-Association of the US Army Introduction by Major Tom Maguire, President, Hellenic Chapter – AUSA

-Dr. Owen Rees (Manchester Metropolitan University),The veteran’s experience in Classical Greece

-Veterans Testimonials

[The session will include a brief presentation of each war veteran, videotaped testimonies of war veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq, and a brief statement of testimony]

-David Ulke (University of Leicester),From Nisarouin to Hougoumont: a comparative study of the impact of two-veteran-focused archaeological initiatives on the mental wellbeing of military personnel and veterans

-Prof. Stephen Hodkinson (University of Nottingham),How do the Spartans compare to modern Western armies?

-Audience questions

-Closing of the event by the Mayor of Sparta Mr. Petros Doukas

If you wish to join us on Zoom, here is the link (it will be available from 8pm BST/ 6pm EEST):

All welcome (in person or on Zoom)!