The ERC project Pecunia «Private interests in public functions: Framing a new paradigm of power in the cities of the Roman Empire, from the end of the Republic to Diocletian» (ERC Consolidator Grant 2022, Grant agreement 101088477) is opening a 2-year postdoctoral position, intended for a specialist in Greek epigraphy of the Roman period.

The successful candidate will collect data stemming from the epigraphic documentation, notably in the cities of the Balkanic provinces, on the resources made available to various groups and individuals by their public position. They will contribute to the analysis of the political and social implications of this phenomenon, notably in the context of the discourses and realities of «euergetism», and to the investigation of its perception and regulation by the Roman centre and in the cities. The cooperation between civic sub-elite groups and the production of political and institutional stability in the cities are central topics.

Starting date: 1 February 2024

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In case further information is needed contact Anne-Valérie Pont
PI of the ERC project Pecunia at in case further information is needed.