Anne Jacquemin, Dominique Mulliez and Georges Rougemont (translated and commented), Choix d’inscriptions de Delphes, Etudes épigraphiques 5, École française d’Athènes, Athens 2012, 550 pages, ISBN: 978-2-86958-248-4

The current volume Choix d’inscriptions de Delphes (i.e. Selected Inscriptions from Delphi) brings together some 300 documents, dating from the Early Archaic period to the present: it strives to reflect the reality of Delphic epigraphy, excluding neither trivial texts nor repetitive series. The collection is intended for advanced students, irrespective of their knowledge of Greek, historians, hellenists with no epigraphic background, beginner epigraphists, as well as established epigraphists unfamiliar with the inscriptions from Delphi, and it aims to facilitate access to the textual meaning and the historic value of the selected texts. For this purpose, each document is accompanied by a translation, a commentary, and when relevant, a basic bibliography allowing the reader both to place the text in its context and to study it in depth.

An analytical index, which also functions as a glossary, completes the volume.