Scribbling Through History is a three-day workshop devoted to the relationships between graffiti, individual expression and social interactions, from ancient times until the present day. The conference will take place at The Ertegun House, University of Oxford, between 23-25 September 2013.

Although many primary studies of such inscriptions have been carried out, this explanatory workshop will for the first time address historical graffiti in a holistic manner as a specific cultural practice and as an anthropological object that illuminates these key aspects of human experience. By fostering cross-regional, diachronic and integrative approaches, the workshop will develop new frameworks and agenda for this research.

Support for the conference has been kindly provided by The John Fell OUP Research Fund, the Budge Fund (University College), the Faculty of Oriental Studies, the Ertegun House, and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (UMR 8167 – Orient & Méditerranée/Mondes Pharaoniques).

Since the workshop has very limited numbers, anyone wishing to attend needs to apply. Please send a short statement explaining your interest to graffiti and the themes tackled by the project to [email protected].

For further information please address the organiser, Chloé Ragazzoli ([email protected]), or the conference secretary, Charles Draper ([email protected]).